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Reuben Avelyn Onslow Gardiner 1893 and Agnes Rose Allen 1907

Married : 21st September 1945 in Bunbury Western Australia

Descendants of this family are eligible to become members of the  Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838 group. Verification of families is important, so if you decide to join the Swan River Pioneers they will tell you which certificates you need, as they have verified most of the ancestors in this web site.

Siblings 5th Generation

Gardiner (Allen) Colin    
Gardiner Avleyn John (John) 1943  
Gardiner Stella Rose 1945  
Gardiner Donald Ruben 1946  
Gardiner Lorraine 1950  



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Reuben's Parents

Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 29/11/2008        Read Me File

Reuben was 56 when he married and lived in the Roelands area, farming, and owning some property at some stage.

Agnes Rose Allen known as Rose married Eric Lewis in the early 60's and she died in Bunbury mid 70's.after Reuben died in 1958. Colin was Roses son and changed his name to Gardiner.