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Charles Gardiner 1870 and Gertrude Crampton 1873

Married : 1897 Harvey #1561

Descendants of this family are eligible to become members of the  Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838 group. Verification of families is important, so if you decide to join the Swan River Pioneers they will tell you which certificates you need, as they have verified most of the ancestors in this web site.

Siblings 4th Generation

Gardiner Hilda May 1898 Bunbury W.A. #4769  
Gardiner Charles Lionel 1900 Harvey W.A. #5368 1963 /65  W.A.: Bunbury
Gardiner Henry Douglas (Mick) 1902 Roelands, W.A. #6175 1964  W.A.    Bur: Bunbury With Wife
Gardiner Gertrude Florence 1904 Roelands, W.A. #6961 Albert M. North 1926 Wellington #6
Gardiner Allan Graham 1905 Roelands, W.A. #7530 Hazel S. Jarvis 1930 Wellington Dist, W.A. #61
Gardiner Gladys May 1908 (Twin) Wellington #245 Arthur E. North 1927 Wellington #55
Gardiner Vera Grace 1908 (Twin)  Wellington #365 Walter E. Walker 1928 Wellington #57



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Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 2006         Read Me File

Birth index indicates that Gladys and Vera are not twins.: Gladys 1908, Vera 1910

1st cousins

Charles Gardiner 1870 and Gertrude Crampton 1873
Alfred Gardiner 1827 and Susannah Maria Higgins 1837 ... Alfred Crampton and Lucy Gardiner 1847
William Higgins 1800 and Sarah Dredge 1799 - Britannia 1830 ... Reuben Gardiner and Ann Brown - Trusty 1842