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The Higgon Clan Western Australia

Families included in this website are : Higgon, House, Higgins, Thomas, Dunkley, Worthington, Hall, Morgan, Rose,  Shentstone, Dixon  and a few others. Places: Perth, Bunbury, Busselton, Wonnerup, Capel, Donnybrook,  Pembrokeshire Wales, Somerset England.

Welcome, this website traces descendants and ancestors of
David Morgan Higgon (Digger) and Madeline Lavinia House.

It also includes these Swan River Colony Pioneer Families

Madeline, Born: 1897 Capel, Western Australia,

 Died 1979 at Bunbury Western Australia.


Digger, Born: 1880 Liverpool, England,

 Died 1955 at Bunbury Western Australia.

AND ALWAYS REMEMBER If we donít ask, we will never know and if we donít record what we do know, our descendants will wish we had!!

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Digger and Madeline's descendants have spread far and wide within Australia.
So if you can add to this site please contact.

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Bit of trivia for you. If you were William and Sarah Higgins grandchild, you would have over 60 1st cousins. they also had over 180 great grandchildren

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All family names in this website

It is with thanks that I acknowledge the help supplied by Sheryl Knight for the Higgins family information
Jeannine Nolan, Jeannine Heindrichs nee Rose and the late Shirley Leahy nee Rose for six generations of photos and history of the Rose Family.
Bill Dixon for photos and family information on the Shenstone
Denise Hitchens nee Kidson for family information

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This Site started on 04/01/2006 updated on 07/12/2008

If you have anything to add to this site, please Email me.

Disclaimer: All information on this site is acquired through research and contributions from interested families. and is in no way free from mistakes, but it is the best I can do with the research I have, so if you see a mistake let me know. It is purely for my satisfaction and for others to enjoy. You need to verify families.