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William Dunkley 1806 and Hepzibah Palmer 1811



Dunkley Sarah 1833 Cranford, Northampton England m. William Miller 1851 Kettering, Northampton
Dunkley Henry 1835 Cranford, Northampton England  
Dunkley William 1842 Burton Latimer, Northampton England Married a Elizabeth
Dunkley George 1845 Burton Latimer, Northampton England 23/02/1915 Burton Latimer at 68 yrs
Dunkley James Palmer 1848 Burton Latimer, Northampton England 20/11/1908  Burton Latimer at 60
Dunkley Frederick (Grandson) 1860 Burton Latimer, Northampton England In 1871 census Fred was being look after by his uncle William
Dunkley George (Grandson) 1864 Burton Latimer, Northampton England In 1871 census George was being looked after by his Grandparents

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William's Family

Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 28/11/2008        Read Me File

William b. 1811 Cranford d. Dec. 22nd 1886 aged 80yrs. Hepzibah b. 1911 Isham d. Nov.5th 1885 aged 74yrs both at Burton Latimer.

Father Robert Dunkley (1783-1855)  Mother: Mary Lokes (1775-)

On their headstone: In loving memory of William and Hephzibah Dunkley. [William] Died Dec. 22nd 1886 aged 80yrs. [Hephziibah] Died Nov.5th 1885 aged 74yrs. "Be still and know that I am God".

There could be another James born in 1838, in 1841 he was 3 and in 1851 he was still 3

January 1857 Henry (A Shoemaker) was tried  for Stealing one pair of leather boots the property of William Sharpe at Burton Latimer on the 3 January 1857. Not Guilty of Larceny, Once before convicted of felony. Henry was doing time in 1881 at Pentonville Prison, he was also classed as a widow.

Having problems finding Fred and Georges Parents. Think his father is Henry!


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