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James Harding Sawyer 1897 and Hannah Hazlett 1905

Married : 1925 in Perth Western Australia #155

Siblings 4th Generation

Sawyer Alice M 1925 Perth W.A   #2338 m. Roach Samuel A 1949 Moora WA #18
Sawyer Betty L 1926 Moora #3145  
Sawyer James    

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Hannah's Family

Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 25/11/2008        Read Me File

James b. 1897 York W.A #4054  f. William Harding Sawyer m.  Gustava Charlotte Grandell

Hannah Hazlett 1905
William John Dripps Hazlett and Hannah Higgon 1884
Llewellyn Higgon 1850 and Alice Eliza Morgan 1850
David (Daniel) Higgon 1802 and Rachel Morgan 1806



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