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David (Daniel) Higgon 1802 and Rachel Morgan 1806
Married 27/6/1833 Moylgrove, Pembrokeshire Wales


Higgon David 11/08/1835, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales CC # 464707 (I don't think he married)
Higgon Elizabeth 1837, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales  
Higgon Margaret 1838, Cardigan, Pembrokeshire, Wales  
Higgon John 1841, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales Mariner???
Higgon Mary 1843, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales  
Higgon Anne 1845, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales  
Higgon Joanna 1847, Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales  
Higgon Llewellyn 1850, Cardigan, Pembrokeshire, Wales (Twin) 1903, Donnybrook Western Australia. #980
Higgon William 1850, Cardigan, Pembrokeshire, Wales (Twin) 1890,  Cardigan U.K.




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Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia Updated 29/11/2008

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David Higgon seems to have died at Parrog, buried 11 Feb 1853 aged 51. Rachel Higgon, Parrog Rd., buried 13 April 1891 aged 84.

Register Ticket no:464706 for David Higgon gives born Newport, PEM 17 March 1802. Issued at Milford in 1849 whilst serving as a mate.
Register Ticket no:464707 for his son David Higgon gives born Newport, PEM on 11 Aug 1835. Issued at Milford in 1849 whilst serving as a boy.
These Tickets will be at TNA, Kew and should have descriptions of the men and in a complicated code some of their appointments. The fact the the two RTs have consecutive numbers suggests that they were both on the same vessel.
ref Reginald Davies Welsh Mariners Database

On Llewellyn's death certificate father was Daniel. The only marriage registered between a Rachel Morgan and a Higgon was a David!  David also appears the have been a Mariner.  Llewellyn is buried at the Fremantle Cemetery Western Australia, in an unmarked grave.

Rachel lived at Parrog Road, Newport in 1861. Owens Row, Newport in 1841. Upper Bridge Street, Newport, 1871, Castle Lane, Newport in 1881 where she was receiving welfare.