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Shaun Paul Tromp 1978 and ???? ??????

Married :

Descendants of this family are eligible to become members of the  Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838 group. Verification of families is important, so if you decide to join the Swan River Pioneers they will tell you which certificates you need, as they have verified most of the ancestors in this web site.

Siblings 8th Generation

Tromp Alexis    

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Shaun's Family

Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 29/11/2008        Read Me File


Shaun Paul Tromp 1978
Rodney Ernest Tromp 1944 and Dawn Isobel Hodges 1951
Reginald Ernest Trompp 1909 and Dulcie Lucy Higgon 1914
David Morgan Higgon (Digger) 1880 and Madeline Lavinia House 1897
Henry Thomas House 1854 and Lucy Ann Thomas 1861
William House 1810 and Martha Higgins 1825 - (Caroline 1829)
William Higgins 1800 and Sarah Dredge 1799 - (Britannia 1830)