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Frederick Delaporte 1899 and Doris Connie Jarvis 1908

Married :  1936 Wellington Western Australia #71

Descendants of this family are eligible to become members of the  Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838 group. Verification of families is important, so if you decide to join the Swan River Pioneers they will tell you which certificates you need, as they have verified most of the ancestors in this web site.

Siblings 6th Generation

Delaporte Cyril    
Delaporte Ronald    
Delaporte Elizabeth   Colin John Bell
Delaporte Judith    
Delaporte Lorna    
Delaporte Graham    



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Frederick's Parents

Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 29/11/2008        Read Me File


Private Frederick Delaporte MM 7291, 51st Battalion

Fred listed as a farmer with Fair hair, grey eyes, 168cm and 60kg, he enlisted on his 18th birthday.

Frederick, awarded the Military Medal for saving his Sergeant

During an attack by his company near Vermand N/W. of St. Quintin on the 15th September 1918 this man (Frederick Delaporte), who is a platoon runner, under heavy hostile machine gun fire, carried important messages to his Company Commander. When his platoon Sergeant was badly wounded and lay in the open under direct heavy enemy machine gun fire, Private Delaporte who was not on any duty at the time, went to his assistance and helping him to cover, dressed his wounds and then aided him to a place of safety. His coolness and gallant conduct under heavy fire were an excellent example to all.

Signed E. G. Sinclair Maclagan Major General, Commanding 4th Australian Division

After reading the documentation available, I believe that Frederick looked up to and admired his half brother Cyril Thomas  Payne KIA 1916, who was 7 years older that Frederick, this is born out by Frederick naming his first child Cyril. Frederick enlisted on his 18th birthday and was in a hurry to square off for Cyril's death. He squared off by saving his Sergeant, and would have made him a hero in Cyril's eyes. I don't know if this is true but it is a nice story. David Webmaster

Frederick Delaporte 1899
William John Charles Delaporte 1870 and Lucy Payne nee Hurst 1863
John Charles Delaporte 1843 and Anna Ellen House 1849
William House 1810 and Martha Higgins 1825 - Caroline 1829
William Higgins 1800 and Sarah Dredge 1799 - Britannia 1830