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John Charles Delaporte 1843 and Anna Ellen House 1849
Married : 30/09/1869 Bunbury Western Australia #3028

Descendants of this family are eligible to become members of the  Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838 group

Siblings 4th Generation

Delaporte William John Charles 1870 Capel, W.A. #12432  
Delaporte Alice Eliza 1872 Minninup, W.A. #14162  
Delaporte Hannah Sarah 1874 Minninup #15637  
Delaporte Henry Thomas 1876 Vasse,  #17056  

Anna, married to Charles Thomas Harris 1855  in 1878 Bunbury Western Australia #4559, after Johns death in 1876

Harris Albert Thomas 1882, Yokanup #23484  
Harris Amelia Sarah 1887, Capel #494  
Harris Bertha Capel 1884, Happy Valley #25398  
Harris Charles Thomas 1892, Capel #550  
Harris Edward 1881, Yokanup #21772  
Harris Frederick Charles 1879, Yokanup #20247A  
Harris Martha 1889, Martinup #1351  



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John Delaporte's Parents     Anna's Parents

Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 2006

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lived at 'Doungup' where John helped his young widowed sister Alice Rose manage the property

Charles Harris b. 27 Nov 1855 Inlet Park #3003  d: 15 Jul 1929 Capel, f. Ebenezer Harris m. Catherine Scanlan

Anna Ellen House 1849
William House 1810 and Martha Higgins 1825
William Higgins 1800 and Sarah Dredge 1799