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Alfred Charles Gardiner 1867 and Mary Herbert 1866

Married : 12 Aug 1888 Mt Barker, C of E, West Australia  #205

Descendants of this family are eligible to become members of the  Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838 group. Verification of families is important, so if you decide to join the Swan River Pioneers they will tell you which certificates you need, as they have verified most of the ancestors in this web site.

Siblings 4th Generation

Gardiner Fanny 1888 Kybalup #1356 Wilfred L G Armstrong 1911 Fremantle #21
Gardiner Alfred John 1890 Cibelup #183 19 Jan 1967 Cranbrook, W.A.  76yrs
Gardiner Mary Ethel (Ethel) 1891 Kybalup  
Gardiner Hilda May 1893 Kybalup #827  
Gardiner Emily Charlotte 1894 Kybalup #1710  
Gardiner Henry Charles 1896 Kybalup #2175 KIA 21 Oct 1917  Ypres, Belgium  21yrs  Roll of Honour
Gardiner Elizabeth (Lizzie) 1898 Plantagenet #4040 Charles Boundy 1912 Perth #608
Gardiner Albert Cecil 1900 Kybalup #4494  
Gardiner Harold Allen 1901 Cranbrook, W.A.#4867 24 Jun 1961 Cranbrook, W.A.  59yrs
Gardiner Horace Godfrey (Mack) 1903 Albany #5598  
Gardiner Elsie Edith 1905 Kybalup #6301  
Gardiner Jack ???    



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Alfred's Parents

Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 2006

Read Me File

Mary b. 1866 Hay District #9237 f. John James Herbert m. Elizabeth Geake

Harold Allen Gardener in the Birth Index. Harold was a POW

Driver Henry Charles Gardiner 1575, 4th Div Ammunition Col Australian Field Artillery KIA 21 October 1917 age 21

Cemetery or Memorial Details BELGIUM 34 Belgian Battery Corner Cemetery Ypres


Grave or Reference Panel Number: II. G. I.
Belgian Battery Corner Cemetery is located 2 km south west of Ieper town centre. This cemetery occupies a site at a road junction where three batteries of Belgian artillery were positioned in 1915. The cemetery was begun by the 8th Division in June 1917 after the Battle of Messines (although one grave predates this) and it was used until October 1918, largely for burials from a dressing station in a cottage near by. Almost half of the graves are of casualties who belonged, or were attached, to artillery units.
There are now 573 First World War casualties buried or commemorated in this cemetery. Seven of the burials are unidentified and special memorials commemorate three casualties known to have been buried in the cemetery, but whose graves could not be located.  ref. Sheryl Knight

Private Alfred John Gardiner 2441, 43rd Battalion, RTA 12 Mar 1918.

Alfred Charles Gardiner 1867
Alfred Gardiner 1827 and Susannah Maria Higgins 1837
William Higgins 1800 and Sarah Dredge 1799