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Oswald (Ozzie) Shenstone 1892 and Rhoda Christina (Chrissie) House 1894
Married 27/12/1915 St. David's, South Bunbury Western Australia #123/1915
Oswald remarried 3 years after Chrissies death to ?
Descendants of this family are eligible to become members of the  Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838 group
Siblings 5th Generation
Shenstone Elsie May 1913, Wellington #8  
Shenstone Lucy Christina 1916, Wellington #470 23/12/1997
Shenstone Keith Oswald 12/02/1919, Bunbury #72 25/11/1994 Perth
Shenstone Eric Joseph 5/6/1921 09/12/2008 Margaret River.
Shenstone Ivy Jean 1924 Harvey  
Shenstone Raymond John 1930 05/01/1996,
Shenstone John Henry 1934 (Twin) m. Wendy Cohen 1957
Shenstone Jill Jenny 1934 (Twin) 24/06/1982

If there is any thing more frustrating when researching ancestors ..... It's THE LACK OF RECORDED INFORMATION,  so record what you know NOW

Chrissie, Elsie and Ozzie .. circa 1916



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Rhoda's Parents

Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 2006

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 Shenstone/Dixon Information and photos supplied by Bill Dixon

Private Oswald (Ozzie) Shenstone 3671, 51st Battalion 1916. Head wound  RTA 1916

Oswald,   b.12/10/1890   67 Mayer Street, Hanley  Staff. UK B/Cert.#289/1890.  d. 26/6/1965 Belmont W.A. Nothing of his early days until he joined the 5th  North Staffordshire Regiment in which he served  4 ½ years prior to coming out to Australia.  No record of when or how he came to W.A. but believe that it would have been during the early 1900s. No information in immigration.  Could have ‘jumped ship’ from a ‘Whaler’.

The first record of his being in W.A. was from his WWI army records.  He  enlisted in the AIF on 28/9/1915.  at the age of 24 ½ yrs.  Gave his occupation as ‘Sleeper Hewer’ and address, Post Office, Dardanup  W.A.

Embarked for the Middle East January 1916.  Wounded at Serapeum in April.  Injury to his head which necessitated a silver plate being fitted to the back of his head.  Repatriated to Australia disembarking at Fremantle in July. Discharged from the army in August 1916, as being medically unfit, for service.  Claimed an army disability pension but was refused on the basis of his being an English citizen, even though he served with the Australians.  It was even suggested that he return to England but doubtful that that country would consider a pension. He remained in W.A.

Following the war years he took up dairy farming in Uduc (Harvey) . In the depression years, to supplement his income, took  casual work on the Harvey River Diversion Scheme.   About 1926 gave up the dairying and moved to Greenbushes .  .   In the mid 1930s the family moved to Norseman when Ossie was employed as an engineer for the Norseman Mines. .  Later Ossie obtained a job as an instructor at the Kalgoorlie School of Mines

Following the outbreak of WWII he was transferred to Perth to teach RAAF mechanics at Perth Technical College.

Ossie did not last out the war years at Perth Tech.  He was seconded to American Navy Dry Dock in Fremantle to work on US submarines.

After the war Ossie was resident engineer for the Geraldton Water Supply at Wicherina.  Later worked for Moore & Sons maintaining the engines for their whaling fleet operating out of Point Cloates and rebuilding engines at their East Perth workshops

Ozzie  died in 1965 (73 yrs.) and buried in Guildford Cemetery.

Rhoda Christina House (Chrissie) 1894
Henry Thomas House 1854 and Lucy Ann Thomas 1861
William House 1810 and Martha Higgins 1825 - (Caroline 1829)
William Higgins 1800 and Sarah Dredge 1799 - (Britannia 1830)