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Fredrick William Dunkley 1886 and Louisa Jane Worthington 1890
Married  1920 Wellington Western Australia #18

Louisa's 1st husband Edward John Hall 1886 f. Edward Hall m. Harriet Hall in 1908, Edward KIA 8/7/1918



Dunkley Dorothy Ivy (Ivy) 30/08/1923 Bayswater W.A. #2239 30/07/2001 Maddington Cremated Fremantle
Dunkley Winifred Louisa 1922 Bayswater W.A. #723 2005, Chidlow W.A.
Dunkley Frederick 1926 Bayswater W.A. #388  
Dunkley May 1927 Bayswater W.A. #3154  
Dunkley Harry 1929 Bayswater W.A. #3854 1992 Mt. Lawley W.A.
Hall Percy William 10/03/1909 Fremantle W.A. #203 1975, Rivervale W.A. m. Thelma R Tollos  1935 Perth #1632
Hall Mabel Edna 1911 Wellington W.A. #32 died as a Spiken 1999, Bassendean W.A. m. Neil Petra 1933 Perth #563
Hall Edward John 04/8/1912 Wellington W.A. #429 1989, Glendalough W.A. Jessie M Hogan 1931 Perth #884 ????
Hall Edith M 1914 Wellington W.A. #290  
Hall George R 1915 Murray #79  
Hall Herbert 01/10/1918 Perth W.A. #2274 Victoria (Unknown father)

Pictures: Louisa and Fredrick -Louisa and sons: Frederick, George, Percy, Edward and Harry - Daughters Ivy and May



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Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 2006

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Fredrick William Dunkley's service numbers Second WW Service Number - W26182  and First WW 7154 He was also a member of the 16th Queens Lancers U.K. for 8 years, he was a boy soldier. Military records show Fred signed his name as Fredrick not Frederick.

Frederick went to the Boer War as a boy soldier at 14 years of age. Like most cavalry regiments, the 16th Lancers deployed to the Boer War serving there from 1900 until their eventual return to England in 1904. During the campaign they took part in the Battles of Paardeberg and Diamond Hill, as well as playing a leading role in the Relief of Kimberley. One of the most satisfactory cavalry actions occurred at Klipt Drift on 15th February 1900, when two squadrons of the 16th and one of the 9th Lancers charged to clear the 'knek' between two hills, which were occupied by the Boers. The enemy attempted to mount as the Lancers approached, but were swept away and fled in all directions. The Boers left some twenty dead; the Lancers continued their advance for some five miles on towards Kimberley

Louisa, spent most of her second married life at Kitchener Road Bayswater, all her Dunkley children being born there. She was a dedicated mother, she was ill with cancer for many years and spent a lot of time "Going out" with her sister Rose. She struggled though the depression bringing up 10 children in a 3 bedroom house but still maintaining her dignity, not only bringing up her own children but some of her grandchildren as well. Louisa was a woman of her time, never went out to work and very family orientated. Sunday dinner consisted of catching a chook, killing, plucking and cooking it. She was an avid card player, mainly patients for a penny a point against her daughters in later life.

WW1 Dunkley Frederick  7154 : POB London England : POE Blackboy Hill W.A. : NOK M Dunkley Clara Bessy. F Occupation when enlisted Labourer.

WW11 Fredrick Dunkley : Service Number - W26182 : Date of birth - 24 Jul 1890 (Real birth year 1886, he lied about his age) : Place of birth - London : Place of enlistment - Claremont W.A. : Next of Kin - Dunkley Louisa.

Sapper Edward John Hall WX33938, 9th Maintenance Platoon RAE

Sapper Private Percy William Hall WX18795, 13th Field Company

Corporal Herbert Hall WX16762, 2/95th AUST LIGHT AID DET a

Fredrick William Dunkley 1886
Frederick William Dunkley 1860 and Clara Bessie Broomfield 1860
Simeon Broomfield 1827 and Gwenllian Williams 1827
William Broomfield 1801 and Charlotte Hodge 1803