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WWII Honour Roll

2nd World War Military Units

World War One Soldiers


Prisoners of War
Private Harold Allen Gardiner WX1794, 2/11 Infantry Battalion, 6th Division POW (Father)

Lance Sergeant Peter Alan Gardiner WX10925 (W30087), 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion, POW (Son)

Private Robert James Hill WX5218, 2/3rd Machine-Gun Battalion, 8th Division POW
Lieutenant John Campbell Morrison WX9384, 2/4th Machine-Gun Battalion 8th Division POW
Private Edward Alexander Dempster WX2500, 6th Division A S C POW
Private Charles Spencer Parke WX7738, 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion POW (Brothers)

Private Albert Sydney Parke WX7724, 2/4th Machine Gun Battalion POW (Brothers)

Australian Prisoners of War in Germany
photo Jeannine Nolan
Sergeant Muriel Jessie Dowling 94717, RAAF 9 Elementary Flying Training School
Private Ivy Jean Shenstone  WF90456, 29th Heavy Ack Ack Battery
Aircraftwoman Mary Alwyn Rose 113406 RAAF, 4 Aircraft Depot
Aircraftwoman June Gwendoline House 113435. RAAF 3rd WAAAF Depot

Private Bertha Joyce House WF96798, Casualty Clearing Station.

Aircraftwoman Lurline Mavis House 111995, RAAF, Headquarters Western Area

Corporal Emily Jane Smith (nee Parke)  94898, RAAF 4th Stores Depot

Private Lesley Phyllis Clayforth, WF90993 B BNCH

Private Ivor Edwin Attwood WX41400 (W31496), 2/1 Guard Regiment

Private Thomas Keith Brehaut WX12433, 2/11 Battalion

Corporal Ronald Elliott (Peter) Bentley WX9606, RET DEP
Sapper Frank Guildford Bentley W30903, 7th Works & Park Coy
Private Albert Edward Briggs W48211, Swanbourne Defence Corps 3rd Battalion
Private Percival James Bunn W12546, A.C.M.F. 44th Australian Infantry Battalion 
Private Sydney Mervyn Carpenter WX21419, 9th Division
Private William Owen Carpenter WX17708, L H Q School of Signals
Lieutenant Lionel St Clair Clayforth, WX34832 10/48 Australian Infantry Battalion
Corporal Vincent Connor WX1653, Catering Corps
Private Raymond William Delaporte W70524, A.C.M.F. 5th Battalion Volunteer Defence Corp
Corporal William (Bill) James Dixon WX36024, 8th Australian POW Reception Camp
Private Frederick Dunkley W26182 A.C.M.F. 5th Garrison Battalion, (Dad's Army) Fred was 57
Leading Aircraftman Frederick Dunkley 85038, 4th Central Recovery Depot
Corporal Lance Frederick Emmett W70461, A.C.M.F. 5th Battalion Volunteer Defence Corp. 60 yrs old
Able Seaman Jack Amias Fowler 20699, RAN ex HMAS Perth
Private Clifton William Furniss WX17904, WA L of C DD

Private Ernest Edgar Galbraith W93302, 4th Port Operating Company

Private William James Galbraith WX34489, 11th Battalion

Private Frank Leonard Gardiner WX40445 (W59786, W34305), 8th Supply Depot Company AASC

Private Hubert Cyril Gardiner W3572, 7th Heavy Brigade

Sergeant John Gibbs W70279, 5th Battalion VDC

Aircraftman 1 Edward George Gregory 442206, RAAF 5 School of Technical Training

Sapper Edward John Hall WX33938, 9th Maintenance Platoon RAE

Sapper Percy William Hall WX18795, 13th Field Company
Corporal Herbert Hall WX16762, 2/95th AUST LIGHT AID DET
WO Leslie Thomas Hamerston 431622 RAAF. 9th Aircrew Holding Unit
Private Rex Frederick Harris WX34410,19th Garrison Battalion
Leading Aircraftman Reginald William George Hayes 38277, RAAF #2 Squadron
Private David John Hazlett W75396  13th Battalion Moora VDC
Private William Roberts WX30044, 16th Battalion
Leading Aircraftman William Thomas Hazlett 46101 RAAF 4th Aircraft Depot
Private Leslie Clement Higgins WX5843  2/1st Machine Gun Battalion
 Gunner Douglas Raymond Higgon WX23004 Western Command Fixed Defences
Private James Henry Higgon WX34763, 2/3 Pioneer Battalion
Corporal Edward Douglas Hill 16233, RAAF 1st Personnel Depot
Flight Lieutenant Leslie Thomas (Tom) Hill 406074, RAAF 86 Operational Base Unit
Flight Lieutenant John Hough Hill 406565, RAAF 112th Air Sea Rescue Flight
Corporal William Addy Hill 81270, RAAF, 4th Transport and Movement Office
Driver Edgar Alfred House WX19717, 5 L of C Provo Coy
Corporal Herbert Geoffry House 29231, RAAF 17 Repair and Servicing Unit.
Private James Aubrey House W70195, 5th Battalion VDC
Leading Aircraftman James Frank House 29663, RAAF 6th Aircraft Depot
Private Ronald George House WX14082, 1st Australian Petrol Depot
Sapper Lionel Charles House WX19842, 11th Battalion
Private Victor Clarence House WX15518, 2/24 Battalion.
Leading Aircraftman Douglas Henry House 29532 RAAF.
Private Roy (Strawb) Leonard House WX14784, 2/28th Battalion.
Private Allan John Kidson WX15346, 2/11th Battalion.
Private Alexander Magowan WX6928, 2nd Training Battalion
Driver Leslie Magowan W54477, 124th General Transport Company
Private Phillip John Magowan W72251, A.C.M.F. 16th Battalion VDC
Sapper Walter Adrian Guy Magowan WX35860, 7th Workshop & Park COY
Private Hurtle Herbert Merritt WX13961, 2/2 HQ Guard Battalion
Private Leslie James Meleri WX33449, 13th Infantry Brigade
Lance Corporal Geoffrey Nicholls SX38070, LQH School of Mechanization
Lance Corporal Walter Frederick Parke WX12998, 2/16th Battalion

Private John William Parke W86148, 5th Battalion VDC

Trooper Earl Ray Parsons WX16800, 2/5th Commando Squadron
Driver Raymond John Parsons WX30216, 2/16th Battalion
 Warrant Officer Class 1 Arthur James Perren W237562 HQ Western Command
Corporal Arthur Brooks Perren WX38163 (W93660), 2/28 Battalion
Private Charlie Clifton Rose W73699, A.C.M.F. 9th Northam Battalion VDC
Private Samuel Clifton Rose W30892, A.C.M.F. 19th Garrison Battalion
Private Clifton Montague Scott WX20521, 11th Battalion
Private Keith Oswald Shenstone W32720, 21st Reserve M T Coy
Private Lewis Arthur smith W70187, 5th Battalion VDC
Private Mervyn Garland Keith Smith W86176, 14th Karri Battalion VDC
Private Montague Scott Townsend W22420,10th Lighthorse Regiment
Private Thomas Frederick Townsend WX41449, 2/5th Commando Squadron
Private Reginald Ernest Trompp WX14025, W60178 1st Training Battalion
Sapper Frank Edward Winter WX35292, 4th field Survey
Sapper Noel Winter WX32565, 6th CRE (Works)

Lance Sergeant William Richard Worthington W86154, 5th Battalion VDC


Chief Petty Officer Writer Leon William Higgon R29657 RAN, HMAS Vendetta, HMAS Torrens

Lieutenant Terrence John Nolan 216494, 2nd & 3rd Special Air Service Squadron
Leading Cook Graeme Winter R63163, RAN HMAS Sydney
Private James Edward Winter 314178, 4th Battalion RAR
Private Reginald James Yates 5715194 1RAR 1968-69
Regular Army, Navy and Air force post Vietnam
Lieutenant Gerard Anthony Nolan 2805401 2RAR Sep-Dec 1999 in East Timor

Leading Aircraft Woman Denise Gay Kidson W59913, RAAF #11 Squadron

Corporal Linda Higgon, RAAF Amberley
Army Prefixes WWII, W - Male did not leave Australia, except New Guinea, WX -  Male or Female that served overseas, WF - Female did not leave Australia.
National Service & Vietnam era numbering, Army and Air Force numbers, the first numeral (i.e. 2/771128 or A55100) usually indicated the State in which the trainee was called up: 1 Queensland, 2 New South Wales, 3 Victoria, 4 South Australia, 5 Western Australia, 6 Tasmania and 1 (later 8) Papua New Guinea. First scheme Army numbers had an oblique, Vietnam-era numbers did not.
The Australian Army recruited seven Garrison Battalions (1st-7th) from veterans of the First World War in October,1939 and by January,1940 there were eight such battalions with a strength of 4,967 men.
Find out who did what in the war.
The best WWII 2nd AIF and ACMF site I have found. Very comprehensive, covers all wars Australia has been involved in.
Has any one got any stories about the A.C.M.F. Garrison Battalions (Dad's Army Battalions) ?
Example of "Dad's Army", but there must be a lot of embellished stories out there. Cowra Breakout - Armed with a wide assortment of weapons, including knives, one group attacked the crew of a Vickers gun that was stationed outside the camp. Members of the 22nd Garrison Battalion opened fire, causing a large number of casualties. During the ensuring nine days 334 prisoners were retaken, of which 25 were dead. Of the dead, 11 were found hanging from trees and two had been killed by trains. In all, 231 Japanese POW's were killed and 108 wounded. One Australian Officer was killed along with three Australian other ranks, while four others were wounded. This made Cowra the largest POW breakout, eclipsing other well known Break-outs such as the "great escape" from Stalag Luft III.
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ADF messages to the troops
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World War One Honour Roll