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Joseph Callaway 1886 and Rose Worthington 1893
Married 1912 Fremantle Western Australia #25
Callaway Phyllis Ellen 1911 Fremantle #520 2004 Redcliffe
Callaway Francis (Frank) William 1913 Fremantle #766 1986 Mosman Park Never married

Rose married Albert Edward Mersey Kidson 1891, 1920 Perth #546 after Joseph's death.

Kidson Allan John 12/02/1920 1987 Lathlain, m Alva
Kidson Albert Edward (Ted) 10/05/1929  


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Rose's  Parents

Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 2006

Joseph Callaway b. 1886 Perth #27003 d. 1918 White gum Valley f. Francis Callaway m. Ellen Andrews

Albert Edward Mersey Kidson b. 1891 Malvern Victoria d. 1946 Victoria Park  W.A. f. John Mersey Kidson, Liverpool England. m. Ernestine Kosky (anglicized from Koschitshy) married at Melbourne VIC, She was Polish Jewess Her family even then were on the run  from Germany. They came from a town right on the border of both countries.  When arriving in Melbourne Australia her family settled in a beautiful town called Jamieson ref Denise Hitchens

Gunner Albert Edward Mersey Kidson 3777, 102nd Howitzer Battery

Private Allan John Kidson WX15346, 2/11th Battalion.

Joseph Calloway was Rose's first husband he died of TB in 1918. He was customs officer at Fremantle. He was survived by Grandma Rose, son Francis (Frank) and Phyllis (2004) she was born July 1911.  I will find out about Uncle Frank later. He was deaf from a childhood accident of falling down the stairs. With the death of Joseph she found it very difficult to survive as there no widows pension.  She had to put Phyllis and Frank into an Sister Kate's Orphanage as not many people didn't employ married women with children and they didn't consider their situation either.   She worked cleaning a boarding house owned by Kidson - Kosky family.  That is where she met Albert (Burt) Kidson he just returned from the war. When she married him she got Phyllis and Frank out of Sister Kate's straight away. They hated and Rose hated them being there.  Burt Kidson was a World 1 vet and survived the great battles of France and Gallipoli. Reference Denise Hitchens