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Cecil J Phillips and Mary (May) Galbraith 1922

Married : 1939 Irwin #7


Phillips Albert    
Latham Margaret 1942 Father George Latham m. Anthony Corsi
Galbraith Deanna Mabel 1945 Subiaco Father Ernest Edgar Devore USA
Galbraith Charlie Carnarvon  
Galbraith Phillip Carnarvon Father Phillippe Marchi
Galbraith Lee Carnarvon  
Galbraith Bruce Carnarvon  

ALWAYS REMEMBER If we donít ask, we will never know and if we donít record what we do know, our descendants will wish we had!!


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May's Family

Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 29/11/2008        Read Me File

Not sure when May and Cecil parted company, early 1940's