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David Morgan Higgon 1942 and Deanna Mabel Galbraith 1945
Married 16/8/1963  Kalgoorlie W.A.
David remarried to Helen Phillippa Williams 26/01/2000 Ferndale W.A.

Descendants of this family are eligible to become members of the  Swan River Pioneers 1829-1838 group

Siblings, 7th generation West Australian

Higgon Anthony Lee 1962 Kalgoorlie  
Higgon Kerri Ann 1964 Kalgoorlie  
Higgon Wendy Michelle 1965 Kalgoorlie  
Higgon Naomi Margaret 1967 Kondinin  

ALWAYS REMEMBER If we donít ask, we will never know and if we donít record what we do know, our descendants will wish we had!!

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Compiled by David Morgan Higgon, Midland Western Australia 2006

David had a tumultuous childhood culminating in being sent to Clontarf.  At the age of 13 he run away from Clontarf in 1956 with Alan McBain and hitch hiked to Adelaide, where they parted company. David continued towards Melbourne but being caught by police at Bordertown S.A. The S.A. authorities sent him back to Perth on the transcontinental train. On arriving back in Perth he met his mother and had turned 14 and went bush to become  a station hand/stockmen from 1956, working on stations such as Nerren Nerren, Meka, Mt. Wittenoom, Gabyon, Nangetty, Narndee, Wydgee, Credo, Pinnacles. Worked underground at Kalgoorlie on the Great Boulder all shafts, where he lost a finger and Lake View shaft for 6 years. In 1967 after nearly being killed on the 2900 ft level of the Main shaft Great Boulder mine he went to work on a farm at Bendering near Kondinin for Jimmy Pond and stayed there for 2 years. Leased a plantation at Carnarvon for 4 years 1969-73 and then joined the Prison Service. Prison served in Karnet 1974-77, Fremantle 1978-79, Canning Vale 1980-89,  Greenough 1990-91, Wyndham 1992 and Broome 1993-96 Prisons. In 2001 went to work at the Port Hedland hospital as a orderly. For short periods worked at Pope Engineering in the heat treating Morley, Cement Aids Perth, Geraldton Fishing Co-op, Wimpy Willis transport at Yalgoo and dairy farms at Nth Dandalup, Yarloop and Wagerup.

He played football  with Boulder City reserves and became an umpire at Kondinin after breaking a collarbone playing at Corrigin, playing cricket for Bendering he doubled his average in the two years from 3 to 6, is also a good chess and bridge player, started the Hills Little Athletic club at Mundijong and was a member of the State and Kwinana Little Athletics Centre committee for 4 years. He was also very active in the Prison Officers Union for many years. A good photographer having photos published on front covers of magazines. He also adapted to computers in 1990 like a fish in water, finding them a great tool.

Received written and verbal commendations and Awarded the National Medal for service in 1988

David Morgan Higgon 1942
P. David Morgan Higgon (Dick) 1917 and Dorothy Ivy Dunkley (Ivy) 1921
GP. David Morgan Higgon (Digger) 1880 and Madeline Lavinia House 1897 - Fredrick William Dunkley 1886 and Louisa Jane Worthington 1890
GGP. Llewellyn Higgon 1850 and Alice Eliza Morgan 1850 - Henry Thomas House 1854 and Lucy Ann Thomas 1861;
GGP. John William Worthington 1860 and Jane Dakin 1861 - Frederick William Dunkley and Clara Bessie Bloomfield c. 1860
GGGP. William House 1810 and Martha Higgins 1825- (Caroline 1829) - James Jeremiah Thomas 1828 and Margaret Hayes c. 1837
GGGGP. William Higgins 1800 and Sarah Dredge 1799 - (Britannia 1830)